Guest Post: I already have everything I need

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So I took a trip with my wife to Colorado last week. It was really cool. I got to see mountains, wildlife, and our friends Nick and Emily. While we were there, I came across a hole in the wall comic book store. It wasn’t much, just a few display cases filled with toys, and one rack of recently released volumes. I moseyed around for a few minutes while the clerk, who was ridiculously nice and had a face tattoo, talked with another patron; a regular it seemed. Then I found the case at the counter. And oh my goodness. It was full of vintage comic books. Some were in ok condition, some were in good condition, and others were in mint condition. All packed away in their official packaging with ratings in bright letters across the top. And of course, my first reaction was very civilized and intelligent.



I had this urge to just rip open the case and grab them. Then I came to my senses, a little anyway, and looked at the price tags for two that really caught my eye. Combined they were selling for $4149.99. No that isn’t a typo. I have photos to prove it:




Did I mention the books were an Avengers #1 and the first Green Lantern Green Arrow cover? Oh, my bad. But yeah.


And that got me thinking.

Why did I want these expensive things so bad? Well because they’re freakin’ sweet for one reason.  But I think the reason that sums it up best is my sinful heart. I was breaking the 10th commandment. The one all of us Americans break several times a day. I am a coveter. A covetous being. To simplify it into one general thought:




Grant has been doing a sermon series on Ephesians, and I had been doing a blog series on it over at, and I went through it with my youth group a couple of years ago, so that text is constantly in my brain. And these words from the first chapter of the book came to mind:


3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places,

4 even as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and blameless before him.”


I am blessed beyond all measure, and I still WANT. It drives me insane sometimes. There are people starving and all I do is want more food. There are people without homes, and other people complain about remodeling their kitchens. There are people without the hope of Jesus, and we sit in our churches and do nothing about it.


We as Christians have everything we need, and if we don’t God has it on the way. I think we need to turn WANT, into GIVE.


So go to Manitou Springs, Colorado, buy those comic books and GIVE them to me!


A joke. I got ‘em.


But here’s a real challenge:


How much have you wanted, and how much have you given. I know my scale is lopsided on the want end. Let’s work together and change that. And maybe one day, when everything is made new, we can look back and say:


“Wow. I really did have everything I needed. I’m glad I got to share it.”


About grantimusmax

Grant Barnes, aka Grantimus Maximus, aka The Nerdcore Theologian. Currently, he is a PhD Candidate at the Graduate Theological Union at Berkeley, California. He is a graduate of Perkins School of Theology with a Masters Degree in Divinity. He graduated from Texas State University Cum Laude with a Bachelor's degree in English, minor in History. He watches way too many movies, reads too many books, listens to too much music, and plays too many video games to ever join the mundane reality people claim is the "Real World." He rejects your reality, and replaces it with a vision of what could be, a better one, shaped by his love for God.
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