What’s all this then?


Welcome to Nerdcore Theology! Glad you could visit.

My name is Grant, and I’m  the Nerdcore Theologian in residence. Here, we like to take a look at the nerdier side of theology. It became apparent to me, as I begin my journey into ministry, theology rears it’s pointy little head in a lot of places you wouldn’t expect it to. That being the case, it is my mission therefore to find the contact points between theology and pop culture, both mainstream and esoteric. For a better and deeper explanation of what this is and what I’m doing here, read this post: https://nerdcoretheology.com/2012/01/18/the-core-of-a-nerd-and-why-do-theology/ .

Almost all of this blog belong to Grant Barnes, unless otherwise noted. Pictures have been donated by THE INTERNET and Google Image, so I apologize if you don’t like me using your pictures, internet.


2 Responses to What’s all this then?

  1. I’d like to use an image from your website. Here is the link:


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