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Easter Light

Light that we can make is such a fleeting experience.

A fire can be incredibly powerful. Fires can rage, and consume vast portions of the countryside. It can cook food, warm a house, and bear light against terrible darkness.

And yet it is so dependent upon certain conditions. Continue reading

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Walls, Bridges, and the Future of the UMC

God’s love doesn’t look like a wall, or a building, or a bulwark or barrier. God’s love is a bridge, from the future to the present, an Advent realized when we understand that God’s power is manifest when we share in blessed communion with each other, and seek the good, the just, the merciful and the grace-filled. Continue reading

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January Lament

Our world is both burning and drowning. Our children are starving. Our neighbors are in need. Where are the hands and feet of God? Too often, we find ourselves just wishing that it’d all go away, so we retreat into our churches, and pray for God to do something, when God is out there, calling us out to do something ourselves, to participate in the changes and the action that are being carried out by our African American sisters and brothers, our queer and marginalized family, our underrepresented neighbors. Continue reading

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