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The Terror and the Beauty, Mark 9:2-9

“God does not make the mountains in order to be inhabited. God does not make the mountaintops for us to live on the mountaintops. It is not God’s desire that we live on the mountaintops. We only ascend to the heights to catch a broader vision of the earthly surroundings below. But we don’t live there. We don’t tarry there. The streams begin in the uplands, but these streams descend quickly to gladden the valleys below.” The streams start in the mountaintops, but they come down to gladden the valleys below. 
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Overwhelming, Matthew 17:1-9

It’s sometimes hard to describe something that is overwhelming, powerful, and glorious. Sometimes, it’s so hard that people won’t ever believe you until they experience it themselves. One of my favorite science fiction movies is the movie “Contact.” Based on … Continue reading

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Day 15: Speechless

I’ve not posted a few of the most recent sermons, so I figured I would do so. This one was delivered at Russell Memorial UMC on February 10, 2013. Enjoy! [EDIT] : Dr. Billy Watson has informed me that the … Continue reading

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